Estuchería Roma, S.L. was born to design and produce wood cases and boxes for the wine field, spirits, food, presents, etc… All our efforts are aimed at that goal.

Our purpose is to provide a different alternative to each client, producing a custom-tailored suit for each product. Our start dates back to the end of 1980, when the first selection case was mass produced in our carpenter’s workshop. In 1998, Estuchería Roma exclusively dedicates its machinery and efforts to the manufacture of cases, display stands and wood boxes.

Our machinery is custom-tailored designed and built, so we can optimize the manufacture procedures, which will benefit the improvement of the product’s quality and its competitive price. Nowadays, our permanent staff includes 25 people, which may reach 60 workers during the high season (the second half of the year).

We surround ourselves with the best professionals to carry out certain procedures such as graphic design, wood photolithograph manufacture, wood plate production, etc. We demand them all their dedication and experience to achieve the best results for our customers.

Sectors we provide service to

Nuestro catálogo de productos y soluciones está estructurado en las siguientes líneas:

  • Cellars: all types of cases and presentation boxes.
  • Olive oil mills: cruet sets, cases and displays.
  • Cold meat producers or distributors: cheese boxes and ham stands (jamoneros).
  • Wine stores and gourmet products: all-purpose boxes for several items.
  • Presents and presentations.


We work with a wide variety of raw materials in order to adjust the result to our costumer’s design and requirements. Among the wood we use:

  • Pine, black poplar and beech plywood boards.
  • Fibreboards (mainly in cruet sets and pieces of certain final requirement).
  • Soria pine (in pieces which require a very faithful component and great stability).
  • Maritime pine (used in the standard range).

Estuchería Roma has a quality seal which certifies both, our manufacture procedures and products are approved and perfectly fulfill the requirements of the market.

Our design department is regarded as one of our main values. Thanks to it, we analyze our clients’ needs and we offer them the most suitable solutions for their products.

All the wood we use is certified by our providers and abided by the recent standards implanted for the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico markets.